Today's professional needs something beyond the technical skills afforded by a degree in order to succeed in the corporate workplace. The most productive employees are those who successfully marry in depth technical expertise with sharp aptitude and sophisticated inter-personal abilities.

The challenge is not the lack of talent. Rather, it is the skill set required to channel that ability into a productive output for the organization. And often, it is the non technical aspects that become a roadblock. Without adequate training and grooming on how to channel their ability, the potential of the individual often does not result into a tangible output for the organization.


Program Design


The scientific mindset behind each training program ensures a complete mapping of the student's current aptitude level and key skills to develop. The measurability of each module ensures that the progress made is tracked at all stages and every individual has clear direction on how to improve their skills further.



Pre Assessment Stage is an integral step that helps the client and 6Pi understand the requirements clearly and concisely. Pre-assessment at 6Pi is a two pronged process.

  • 1.
    • Pick up a sample of 10-12 students from the institute and conduct some tests comprising both domain knowledge and soft skills. This process generally takes one day to complete. After that we analyse the performance of these students in various parameters and based on the same we identify the areas of improvement & reinforcement.


    Detailed discussion between the Subject Matter Expert/Experts (SMEs) and the client to understand the requirement completely, clarifying doubts regarding the training modules, set delivery structure, pedagogy and other formalities related to the same.




At the end of the requirement mapping exercise, objectives to be achieved at the end of the program are established. Information is also shared on the training pedagogy and the delivery mechanisms.

Post requirement analysis, a Terms of Reference (ToR) is designed. The ToR also details the customization and development of the program to the unique client?s specific needs. ToR sign off is mandated before the commencement of the program.



Once the blueprint of the training modules is designed, our trainers with technical, interpersonal and judgmental skills conduct the sessions through systematic approach and use of audio / video mode wherever necessary for the optimal value transfer.


Variance Management

During implementation, regular feedback is encouraged and incorporated from client and participants. This approach makes the programs offered by 6Pi very dynamic in nature and highly effective in the final output, even if there is a deviation from the established premises during the pre-assessment stage.


Effectiveness Matrix

At this stage analyses and reviews the implementation of action plans by the participants on respective training modules. Our facilitation at this stage acts as a catalyst and accelerates the progress further, giving the participants and the organization long term benefits. This also ensures that the long held belief, as below, is held true: Education ends, learning continues.


Quantifiable Report Card

Every aspect of the program is measured and tracked. This allows us as well as the student to identify key areas to work on. This feedback also facilitates the design of a much more effective program subsequently


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